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About Us

Hello and welcome to Coffee Quotient! Was it the smell of a rich and dark roasted coffee that drew you in? Or, maybe lightly roasted beans with notes of citrus is what stimulates your senses. Either way, welcome to Coffee Quotient, the delectable website created by Entrepreneur Erwin Young, focusing on one of the world’s most beloved beverages: coffee.

Erwin Young is a coffee enthusiast with a BS in Food Technology. After working for over 5 years as a barista in New York City and answering countless coffee-related questions, he realized the inevitability for a website that addressed any and every coffee concern and need. Thanks in large part to his experience in the industry and his unending research, Erwin is eager and able to share his passion for this invigorating libation through his website, Coffee Quotient.

Coffee Quotient is a website for individuals seeking guidance into everything java-minded, from new coffee drinkers to those as obsessed with the amber-colored elixir as Erwin is. Signing on to the website, you can expect to find recipes on how to fix the perfect cup of coffee – from espressos to delicately spiced lattes- as well as vital instructions on the appropriate coffee bean grind for the cup of joe that’s right for you.

Curious about what happens before your daily coffee fix? Then scavenge around the site to learn about the beautiful coffee bean plant and the ripe and rosy coffee cherries originating in Ethiopia that are favored, worldwide. If coffee cherries aren’t your realm of interest, then what about which brands of coffee offer the greatest quality? Through Erwin’s many years of experience and research in the field, he can help you discover which bean, style, and blend matches your individualized taste.

And of course, for that perfect cup of coffee you need just that – the perfect cup. Coffee Quotient is the site that you can rely on for any and every coffee culinary need in discovering the products that will guarantee you a deliciously fresh and wonderfully aromatic mug every time. Whether it is a cup for your coffee fix or the pot you will need to brew it in, Erwin will ensure you are using the right tool for the coffee you desire (yes, even for your cold brewed coffee).

If you are as passionate about coffee as Erwin is or seeking well-founded information on anything coffee related, then sit back, relax with your favorite cup of joe, and welcome to your new favorite website: Coffee Quotient.